Fuck Ryder_Ripps.eth is a fraud and a jealous little boy. He is not what you think he is. I have proof he is a liar and is hiding something everyone doesn't want to know. Support this art/ investigative jouralism to reveal this monster
Exhibit 1: the icon displays "this logo is based" That is far from the truth. When you see exhibit 2 and download the image it is "AVIF" format not base 64 Lie #1 Icon is NOT based Keep "18" in mind for later.
Exhibit 3: "Ryder_Ripps" cipher shifted 18 + 18 = 26 = "Ryder_Ripps" then with the help of an anagram that he uses so much you get "Dryer" from "Ryder" Closer to finding the identity.
Exhibit 4: When searching on Google "Ripps Dryer" You get disturbing results "Washing machine ripping holes, Dryer tearing holes" The rape innuendos are as plentiful as Ripps fake evidence on BAYC but the one that caught my eye was "Rippe Brothers".
Exhibit 5: Truly the most compelling evidence, This site is Ripps or should I say Mason's launder site/ blog and has all sorts of secret ciphers and codes. 18 years = 18 teeth and he let some things slide since he thought no one would go digging. He wrote his two favorite foods "penis and jews" he then made a sick joke using "BAYC" as a fill in word for "Bake" So if you follow him still after this you are as sick as he is. Purchase one of my Fuck Ryder Ripps NFTs you own the rights and CC0. Help fund this investigative research This isn't cheap and very dangerous, I'm sure I'll be tracked and killed for this and he will probably eat my penis for sure Thank you. 24 hr reveal